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All of us sometimes wish to share some story with others. A personal essay is an excellent opportunity to share your vision with the world. Before you plunge into the writing process, it is necessary to understand the essence of this type of paper and give a definition.

Understanding the basics of a personal essay

If you ask several different people to give a definition of a personal essay, the chances are that you will get several completely different answers. The most acceptable definition, however, is the following. A personal essay is a concise piece of work created in the form of non-fiction autobiography, which is distinguished by a feeling of intimacy and is written in a relaxed conversational way. This type of paper is also widely known as a personal statement.

What is the structure of a personal essay?

In fact, a characteristic feature of this type of essay is that it does not follow any structure, and no topic is prohibited. You can share your story in any form you like without any specific rules. However, certain tips to writing this kind of essay would definitely come handy. It is worth noting that personal essays often refer to the universal truths based on your personal experience and personal views. It is not a simple recalling of the past events. It rather represents a summary of what the writer has learned and how his/her perception has changed over time.

Finding a relevant subject matter

The best subject matters are the ones that are unique against the writer’s personal experience, which might also be related to some universal truths. The most relevant topics may be related to the issue of love, dealing with some obstacle, making a choice or having certain fears.

Start your story with an engaging hook

When writing a personal essay, try to start sharing your message with something that would essentially draw the attention of your audience. Your first sentence should be engaging and strong. It should set the tone for further sequence of events you want to discuss.

Narrow down your topic

Another tip is not to write about some generalized facts. Although your essay can touch upon the topic of feminism, it should illustrate this phenomenon through your personal understanding of this word and probably your personal experience.

Create an engaging conclusion

Try to end your essay with your own perception of events contained in the paper as well as your personal analysis of these events. The final paragraph should answer the question of what you have learned throughout your experience and what events have drastically changed your life.

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